Day Two - Culinary Exploration 2

We cooked up a storm today but it remained surprisingly cool in the kitchen, especially in the walk in fridge….hey where are those kids.

We started off the morning by caramelizing sugar in preparation for creme caramel
We heated milk and cream and then tempered in some eggs for the custard in the creme caramel
On to salsa making. We scored at the Kensington Market yesterday and got some great fresh tomatillos… we made tomatillo salsa.
We loved the unique and sweet flavour of tomatillos.
We made 2 types of salsa (tomato and tomatillo) as well as guacamole to go with our corn tortilla chips
We had a veritable feast. Grilled fresh corn tortillas with refried beans, sauteed onions, sauteed peppers, chopped cilantro and cheese all grilled and then served with sour cream
Everyone wanted to sautee like a pro (without an implement to stir) so we all practiced flipping bread.
We’ll have it down pat by the end of the week for sure

our field trip took us to Meating On Queen.  George showed us how how assembled, seasoned and mixed the sausage mixture. Today he was making Jerk Pork Sausages. We can’t wait to try them George. Thank you so much for sharing your trade secrets with us.


We stopped of at Hooked Fishmonger on Queen Street. They spent lots of time with us talking about the fisheries that they choose as suppliers. Visit them on Facebook to learn more. We picked up some whitefish and some pickerel that we’ll be cooking tomorrow. We also tried some Sea Asparagus, a first for me.
We ended our day with some baking and some vegetable carving.

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