Day One - Culinary Exporation

Phew! What a fun day. We started off making pastry for our quiches. Learned about rubbing fat into flour, folding the dough, rolling the dough and making pretty edges. Two fillings were on the menu Quiche Lorraine had bacon lardons, cheese & onions and we also made Spinach and Feta.

Everyone rolled out their own dough for their quiche and then we assembled on mass.quiches together

Here they are before they went into the oven.

filling our hand made pastry either quiche lorraine or spinach and feta

and out of the oven
Up close Quiche Lorraine
We practiced knife skills getting ingredients ready for the salad.
Liam chops the red peppers
Amirah and Caroline chopping away

Sierra and Bianca were very good at getting the cream whipped and ready for the new crop of Ontario strawberries.

Sierra and Bianca whip cream by hand for Creme Chantilly

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