Michelle is a Personal Chef and Nutrition Manager serving the Beaches and central Toronto as well as Ajax and South Durham Region.

Michelle Wolfson has been solving the “what’s for dinner” problem since 1999, creating healthy and delicious meals for Toronto families. Her personal chef service eliminates the mundane chores of meal planning, shopping and cooking so that families can spend more time together around the dinner table

Come home to a freezer full of delicious dinners just waiting to feed and please your family.

Menus for 2 people, 10 nights worth of dinners start from $400.

Mouth watering, all natural foods lovingly prepared by your very own personal chef.

Would you like to find out what your family’s menu would offer? Click on ‘menu questionnaire’ and you will receive a custom menu without obligation.

Michelle prepping dinnerFor a closer peek into the life of a personal chef, along with Michelle’s latest menus and fabulous recipes, be sure to check out Inside Michelle’s Kitchen.

 A personal chef is an ideal choice for help following special diets. A personal chef can take almost any diet and make it tasty and appetizing.

 A personal chef may also be the perfect choice to help you with that special party that you are throwing. I’d love to answer your questions, 416-889-9420.